Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joyce Meyer in Phoenix, AZ

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would share with you all that I received from a weekend with Joyce Meyer.  It was incredible to sit in the presence of so many Women (and Men), look at their faces and watch the transformation.  What a beautiful sight!!!  First Assembly in Phoenix was completely packed and there were even people in some overflow buildings filled to capacity, and sadly some people had to be turned away.  We prayed that they would be able to attend Saturday's program. 

My notes:

We have the freedom to be who we are.  John 10:10 The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.......Jesus came so we can have a life of overflow!!!!  We do not get things wishing for them.  We need to be pro-active and intentionally make a decision to go out and get what God has for you to get!  Just do something.........

We need to decide to lighten up.  The joy of the Lord is my strength!  We let fear rule and control us.  I have to decide, just as you do, to go out there and enjoy my life!  Focus on what good is going on.  Have fun doing what you're doing.  Quit having a war with yourself.  God has anointed us to enjoy our lives.

The word I had gotten from God awhile back was........just start!  That simple, keep starting.......do not give up.  I am not alone.......you are not alone.......you can do whatever you set your mind like flint to!!!  You have the power to overcome!!!  Get your armor on (Ephesians 6) and take it to God!!!

Did you know that life and death is in the tongue?  Words are powerful.  The Spirit of Offense is an evil spirit.  Like a hang nail in our Spirit.  It irritates us and doesn't go away easily.  It keeps offending and can make us grumpy.  What do we do?  We pass it on and on spreading the disease of Offense.

When I am offended I don't make spiritual progress.  Christians should not be easily offended.  Where there is strife there is a spiritual evil.  How can I draw close to God when I am like this?  Can I be a living example of Jesus Christ like this?  Remember, I might be the only Bible many people see.

Am I offending myself?  Maybe I don't have peace or joy about some things in my life.  Do I need to forgive?  The Word of God brings healing.  Where there is forgiveness there is no condemnation.  We need to do a conscience check.  The more we ignore our conscience the better we get at ignoring it.  Need to listen to it and honor it!

Sin is not my master.......unless I give it the right.  The devil only has authority that I give to him.  I need to ask God each day before leaving the house for strength.  Ephesians 3:16.  We need to know what we're not without God.  We then have to exercise our authority.  Get a lot mad at sin!!!  Sin will not rule me!!! 

We are not here to make you happy but to speak truth.  Get determined to have what God wants me to have.  Set your mind and keep it set!  I will not let this "thing" control me!  Things keeping me offended need to be violently thrown out!  Mathew 11:12.

Hey Everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed some of the notes I took at the Joyce Meyer Conference I attended on Friday and Saturday and I hope you are blessed through the sharing.  I pray that something spoke to your spirit here and that it will encourage you to go out and do something.....

Walking by Faith,


PS:  More Conference notes to come.....  :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

What Is Normal?

I've had a couple conversations lately with a couple of new friends who have told me they don't have a testimony.  There was really nothing in their lives that was that much.  As we continued our conversation and the events of their lives unfolded my mouth literally drops open and I am standing in amazement at what I have just heard!  Some things just become "normal" after awhile, don't they?

There were deliverances from many addictions and poor life choices, they should not be alive, or at the very least they should have been born with some health issues, they lived in unhealthy family situations, there was a death of a child and the victory from that death............the stories went on and on.............

Lord, I stand in awe.......again and again I stand in amazement at the wonders of your love for us!  You prove yourself over and over again in our lives.  YOU are present even when we don't feel your presence.  As I heard these testimonies I am so humbled and so honored to hear them from these woman's hearts.  I see and I hear their pain, but also their joy in how you Lord, have seen them through when they maybe lost their joy........... you were there to restore them.  I heard the peace they now have. 

My desire has always been that the death of my daughter Bethany would make a difference.  That someones life would be changed, relationships restored, forgiveness given, hope renewed.  God has done that and more!!  So, with that on my mind, I asked one of the women if the death of her child had made a difference.  Wow!!!!!  Once again, God showed up BIG.............several people accepted Christ as their Lord, lives were changed and encouraged through watching this family go through this great tragedy in their lives. 

Amazing Grace how sweet it is.............there are stories to be told............and I am here to hear them!!!!

Walking by Faith,


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

James with Beth Moore

I am doing the study of James with Beth Moore and I thought I would share one of my study days with you.  So, pull up your chair and grab your Bible and a cup of coffee (or tea) and take a look at day two with me.  The title is Faith Perfected.  If you will, take a moment to read James 2:20-26 where James talks about faith without works being dead.  Beth likes the HCSB version of the lead-out verse:  "Foolish man!  Are you willing to learn that faith without works is useless?" 

Beth has us reflect back to two old testament figures as you read James 2:21-25.  Abraham and Rahab both believed God would do what He said he would do.  God interrupted the slaying of Abraham's beloved son and substituted a ram caught by its horns in the thicket (see Gen. 22).  The glorious irony is that, in the actual fulfillment thousands of years later, the substitutionary offering would be the one and only beloved Son of the Father.  We are depicted by Isaac, escaping death, and Jesus is the perfect Lamb of God, slain for the sins of the world. 

Let's take a look at Rahab now.  She appears in James 2 and James only mentions two models of faith evidenced through works.  One is a man.  The other is a woman and she is a prostitute of Canaan.  She hid the spies and sent them off in a different direction (see verse 25).  God can change what people do.  He can change behavioral patterns that have been in play for decades.  He can change what we do to cope, to find comfort, to survive conflict, to count.  Like many of us, Rahab had done a same old thing for years....and then she did something new.  She believed God and acted on it.  That definitive action won her a spot in the Hebrews 11 Hall of Faith.  More importantly, God won her a place of honor in Matthew 1:5.

Now read James 2:24 and list everything works accomplishes there.  James doesn't prefer works to faith or faith to works.  He's sees them as conjoined co-workers.  The part of James 2:22 that Beth especially wants you to see is where James says that Abraham's faith "was perfected" by works.  That's a key concept in this epistle.  It forms the basis on which James is able to use Genesis 15:6 in reference to an act in Genesis 22 that occurred many years later.  Think of it as Abraham's life verse.  The faith that Abraham exercised when he believed God in Genesis 15 was brought to its ultimate goal and maturity in Genesis 22 when he offered Isaac on the altar, foreshadowing the gospel.

In your own life, do you struggle more with superficial faith or with legalism?  Why?

Reflecting back on the first paragraph where it says:  "Foolish man!  Are you willing to learn......."
My answer is YES!!!  I am willing to learn as I sit at the feet of Jesus and soak in his Scriptures.......

I hope you enjoyed this day with me as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you...........

The secret is in the lipstick.......

My daughter-in-love is always telling me that I should write about all the things that seem to "happen" to me...........it's the kind of things that you need to know how to laugh at yourself, if you know what I mean.  AND, I do have ALOT of stories to share that have left me wondering........what in the world?????  I must have been born this way because it happens a lot!

A few days ago after washing my hair I always comb through it and let it mostly air dry.  In Arizona that doesn't usually take too long.  I was running my fingers through my mostly dry hair and it felt waxy just on my right back side.  It was as if I hadn't rinsed out my conditioner good enough.  I didn't have time to wash it again so I left it that way until I could wash it again which was today.  This time I rinsed it beyond good just to make sure I got my conditioner out.  I combed through it again and went to bed.

This morning I wake up and to my surprise it feels waxy on my back right side again!  I'm thinking, ok now, either my head is leaking something out of that side (hopefully not my brains!), or my shampoo and conditioner have gone bad.  What I couldn't figure out is why just on that particular side?

I am not going to go on for a few days with my hair like that so I wash it in the kitchen sink BUT I use Jerry's shampoo this time.  I decide I might as well clean my brushes and combs because the gunk is probably on them too.  As I am wiping them down to my surprise on my big toothed comb that I always use on my hair starting with the right side there is a piece of red lipstick attached to that comb.  You know, that color matched the color of that comb pretty good!  The light bulb came on and my mystery was solved! 

Have a blessed day everyone!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Last night my husband and I went to a Concert with our family.  As we pulled in to the parking space we got out looking for where the front door might be.  We saw some kids playing basketball scurrying around for the ball hoping to land their hands on it and hoop that ball for some points!  I love the sound of laughter and watching the play of emotions cross these kids faces as they ran back and forth.  One of the kids sitting on the side lines noticed the lost looks on our faces and asked if we were looking for someone.  We said no, just the front door to get in to the Concert that would be starting shortly. 

We were quickly told which door to enter and were greeted with the smell of pizza in the air.........we didn't know they were serving dinner!!!  Our Grandson, always hungry, quickly grabbed a piece of pizza and was reaching for some more.  We enjoyed listening to the conversation going on around us and quickly entered in with the delightful chatter going on around us.

I was drawn to this one friendly and informative man who seemed so full of the love of the Lord.  He struck up a conversation with me and before I knew what happened he was showing me all around the Church building that he was so proud of.  This building is being brought up to date to be more useful for its Congregation and all those who enter through it's doors.  He was so proud of all the work that had been done so far and with great excitement told me what all was yet to be done.

Let me see if I can give you a Character sketch of this man.  He was very slender in build, he had the most beautiful blue eyes that you could see had witnessed some storms in life.  His smile filled out the tanned wrinkles on his slim face, but no teeth were present to fill up the space where his teeth should have been.  He spoke clearly and confidently as he shared some of his story with me.  He was a care giver of a very sick wife.  He told me that he had made his wife his God.  He hadn't realized it at the time.  Through the years there came a time that it was clear that his wife could go on no more and it was left to him to give permission for the Dr's. to turn off her life support.  And he gave it.............broke his heart......

He told me that the day he asked for his wife's hand in marriage she had told him that she would not marry a man who drank alcohol or abused drugs.  So he stopped for her.  We didn't get in to the conversation of whether he was faithful to her request during their years of marriage together.  After she was gone the abuse picked up and he struggled......

God had a plan that would turn his life around though. Someone brought this man to Church and a program to help him see God and to know who God is.  I could see the joy and the light shining from those beautiful blue eyes that had seen and witnessed so much.  I picked up on the fact that his addictions still try to get ahold of him, but with the support of friends who care he is alive to stand and face his battles because he is no longer fighting his battles alone.

The songs that were sung and the stories the Artist shared were from the heart.  As she sang she shared a little of her testimony.  She had walked some hard roads, but for the grace of God her story could have ended so differently.  I quickly glanced around the room and there was not a dry eye to be seen.  So much pain all around........but HOPE came down in the form of Jesus Christ our Lord.  She shared that night how she was fully and wholly delivered into the hands of her Heavenly Father.  He restored her family to her.

I lost count of the stories that were shared with me.  Painful ones that broke my heart!  I didn't ask to hear these stories, but God knew I needed to hear them so I can be his voice at such a time as this.  Our sermon on Sunday was about listening.  One of the Deacons came up to me on Sunday as I was coming in to the Sanctuary and told me that God had something for me to hear so be sure to listen.  I thought it was to listen during the preaching.  I see now that it was for Sunday night.  It was important for me to be still and listen.......with my eyes, heart, head, and ears........so I could share some stories with you and encourage you to stay the course and that you do not have to walk your journey alone..............