Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Everywhere you look there is a feeling of Christmas in the air!  Songs like Deck The Halls, Jingle Bells, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and Away In The Manger are just a few of the songs that will be heard over the next several weeks. 

I remember as a little girl being so excited the whole month of December with the hustle and bustle of busyness going on all around me.  There were choir practices to attend.  Christmas play practices to get through.  AND OH!!  Who can forget about all of the Scripture memorization to be done.  Then there were 4-H club parties to attend, and friends parties to go to.  On and on it went.........

One of my special parts about Christmas was the caroling we did!  I remember getting a brand new pair of leotards to wear with my new Christmas dress Mom had made for me.  I was so excited that I could hardly stand myself!!!  I loved wearing those leotards because they made me feel all grown up when put together with my new dress and bright and shiny black patent leather buckle shoes! 

Oh what fun we had sitting on bales of hay stacked on the back of a trailer pulled by a truck up and down the city blocks of town stopping here and there to jump off to go up to peoples homes and sing a special song or two!  Afterwards we were guaranteed some hot chocolate with marshmallows that were quickly melting deliciously in our cups.  But of course!!!  There were a delightful variety of cookies and sweet breads flowing freely to anyone who so desired a taste!  YUM!

The topper of all was on Christmas Eve at Grandma's house.  The whole Smith Family would sit down to a very full course dinner that seemed to disappear so quickly!  We had to be quick because then we would all run over to the Church for the special Christmas play and singing AND the handing out of the bags of candy!  Then we all rushed back to Grandma's house to open up our Christmas presents.  Oh the excitement that filled the room was contagious!!!  Of course, Santa Clause made his entrance to hand us a special present with our very own name written on it!

I remember how my Grandma would make our Christmas gifts.  One that stands out in my mind was a beautiful blond haired doll with the biggest and prettiest full skirted gown I've ever seen!  This dolls eyes would open and close as you tipped her back and forth.  So cool!!

I could go on and on with my memories.  Once I was still enough to let the memories flow they did just that, but it's time to shut them down.  It has been fun remembering and sharing just a few of my childhood Christmas memories with you.  I miss those old fashioned Christmases where families gathered together and got along with each other!   You lived close enough to your relatives that you got to hang out with your cousins!  We had so much fun!!!

At this special time of year please join me in focusing on taking Jesus out of the Manger and opening up our hearts to invite Him to enter in.  That will be an intentional choice you will never regret...........

From my heart to yours..........I pray the love of Jesus to the overflow in each and everyone of your lives!!!

Walking By Faith,



Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Gift Of Laughter..........

A friend of mine just lost his Mother the other day, and he was sharing that as one of the casket barriers was placing the casket on the frame that would lower the casket in to the ground he tripped, and if he had fallen it could have resulted in him entering the grave before the deceased Mother! 

As I enjoyed the laughter with my friend over that incident I am reminded of another Funeral I had attended.  Jerry and I lead Couples classes occasionally and one of the young men from our group had just lost his Mother.  Without a thought, Jerry and I knew we would go to the Funeral to offer support of his loss.

The Funeral was held in a Church that we did not attend, but we quickly found our way inside and sat near the back of the Church.  It was a while before the modest sized Church filled up with Family and Friends. 

As I was observing everything that was going around me three little old ladies walked in arm in arm took the seats in front of Jerry and me.  They were all sweetly dressed with a little too much make up adorning their sweet little faces.

The Mother was loved greatly by her Family and Friends, and many great things were shared about the life this Mother had left behind.  The stories that were told brought tears and comments from many of the people sitting around that Church.

The three little ladies were no exception to the tears that flowed so freely that day.  Their heads were bowed and I could hear one blow her nose softly as they sat listening to all that was shared.  Slowly but surely one little lady lifted up her arm to place it around the shoulders of her little friend.  As she made that loving gesture slowly but surely she knocked the wig off of her little friends head landing with a plop on the little lady's lap! 

Now.......what to do?  Well, very swiftly after a very slight hesitation of shock three little ladies grabbed at that wig and attempted to put that wig back in its proper place!  But that wig just would not comply and sat sideways on that little lady's head now!  I observed that now three little ladies shoulders are shaking trying to hold back their giggles at such a solemn time!  I could see their dilemma and for a second thought I could assist.........but I was trying so hard to hold back my own laughter!! 

I took a quick sideways look at Jerry but then quickly looked away when I saw he was also trying to contain his own laughter!  The rest of the service we fought hard to not laugh, because for the rest of that service those sweet little old ladies kept fussing with that wig!  It would just not behave itself!!

Well...........Jerry and I got out of the Church as quickly as we respectably could almost running to the car to fall into it and let our laughter that we had held back for so long fill the space.  I can tell you that our sides hurt from laughing so hard!

One of the things that I love about God is the gift of laughter.  I love the unexpected laughter that comes when our hearts are heavy.  When we are at the end of our rope.  You know............I think it's like a "hug" from God letting us know He's right beside us all the time........

Walking By Faith,