Victory Stories

Be Consistent

I remember a time when I had gained about ten pounds and had tried everything I could think of to lose it.  My clothes were getting tight; I was very uncomfortable; and I wanted to lose the weight quickly.  For a few days, I ate no fat at all.  When that diet didn't work.  I ate nothing but protein.  When I had no success with all-protein after a couple of days, I decided to eat only nine hundred calories per day.  When nothing was working and I still failed to shed my extra pounds, I tried something else and finally concluded my metabolism had gone haywire and my hormones were out of whack.  As you can imagine, I became very frustrated.

One day, God spoke to me and said something very simple, but something I will never forget:  Consistency is the key.  Since that day I have certainly found those words to be true.  If we want to make progress in any area of our lives, we need to keep doing the right thing over a period of time.  That is what consistency means.

(This comes from Joyce Meyer:  Never Give Up)

This was the book I started reading that got me back on track with a weight loss program.  It really spoke to me straight!  It can be used in many areas of our lives.........

By Faith,


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