Friday, July 19, 2013

Experiencing ”Aislinn Hair Boutique”

Escape with me to a place where you can indulge yourself with a unique cut, style, color, or perm.  It’s a place where your stress fades away into a distant memory.  Comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation takes its place.


Allow me to introduce to you my friend Trish Gamez, with her daughter, Gabby.  For 27 years Trish has been dedicated to giving the utmost attention, courtesy, and high level of service to her clients.  Trish has been praying for some time for God to bless her heart’s desire to have her own shop. 

In time, God has not only blessed Trish with the perfect space for a new shop; He gave her the name.  As Trish was dreaming one day about what the name of this special gift from God would be she was curious about how the name “Beauty” would be described. 

As Trish typed out b-e-a-u-t-y, what followed left Trish speechless.  The word “Aislinn” popped up, (in Ireland it's pronounced as "ASH-lin").  To most of us that wouldn’t mean anything, but to Trish, what came next left her with no doubt whatsoever that now was the time to boldly and confidently begin designing her life-long dream. 

Aislinn is Irish for Dream, Vision, and Beauty.  Trish was born on Saint Patrick’s Day and Trish had a dream and a vision for a beautiful place where everyone who entered through her door would feel the presence of God.

On July third,  I had the honor of being Trish’s first "Client" to walk through her door.  I instantly felt at peace as I entered. My eyes traveled around the room trying to take everything in.  I was instantly drawn to this elegant red couch and had a strong desire to sit there a while and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The Shop is elegantly and tastefully decorated. It invites you in to have a seat and be pampered.   Aislinn Hair Boutique is truly a beautiful reflection of who Trish is, and gives testimony that you are never too old to have a dream come true.

May I present to you, Aislinn Hair Boutique, located at 900 E. Florence Blvd., Suite D3, Casa Grande, AZ   85122.  Hours are: Tuesday and Thursday 9AM-6or7PM, Wednesday and Friday 9AM-2:30PM, Saturday by appointment.  Although walk-ins are welcome, for your convenience, it is best to call for an appointment.  To reserve your time with Trish call 520-252-9655 (Cell).                                                                                                                              
I'd like to express my appreciation to my son, Paul Holway of "Holway Images" for presenting me with such lovely pictures to share.
Walking By Faith,



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