Friday, August 9, 2013


Looking out my back door first thing this morning to my surprise I see this darling baby bunny just about the size of these two white bunnies pictured below.  Only my baby bunny is shades of brown with the fastest feet on earth!!!  Unthinkingly, I opened the door for a closer look, and foolishly I thought I would have time to get a picture or two of him.  Yea, right! 

My mind is on the Bible study assignment I was given.  We are studying "Twelve Women Of The Bible"/Life-Changing stories for Women today.  The first session on Eve talks about how Eve was the first to be tempted by Satan.  She exchanged what she had in Paradise for what she didn't have there.  She was convinced by Satan that once she had what she was told by God she couldn't have in Paradise she would know everything God knows.

Each day this week I am to consider what daily miracles I will miss if I let myself focus on what I don't have.  Then I am to thank God for those blessings. 

Seeing that baby bunny in my back yard this morning reminded me of the times I would go with my Aunt and Uncle to the Cemetery's they would mow the grass at.  My Cousin and I would  search for anything interesting and would never be disappointed.  Many times we would find baby bunnies that their Mother had abandoned.  I would get to take one or two home with me to feed by dropper or a doll baby bottle until they got bigger and strong enough to be out on their own.  What sweet memories!

Memories of all of those baby bunnies I rescued over the years took me back to memories of time spent with my family.  Too many are no longer residing here on earth.  With a thankful heart I will see them again one day.  Until that time comes when I am once again reunited with them I am so thankful for all of my precious memories.     

Where is your focus?  Is it on what you're going through?  Are you at a place that you can shift your view?   Take a good look around you.  What are you thankful for today?  Thank God for your blessings!!

Walking by Faith,


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